Sunday, March 20, 2011

hacking Facebook

HI all,
This is my first bolg, thought this one is not that technical but soon you can expect come technical stuff too..
and this is about hacking facebook account using social engineering. It seems pretty easy if u know the person. The best way that i have found till now is through their password recovery.
first collect some information about the person. like the email that s/he may use to login to facebook. This should be one among s/he have provided in his contact.
probably this is the same as username they are using to login.
now the game begins ::
go to the login page and try to login using that username(email ID) if u can guess the password guess it and get login and this seems stupid. if you know the password why will u try to hack the account. :P
So since you dont know the password, go the very usual way either close the tab or click on forgot password link.
if you have already decided to do it dan, dis is for you...
youl will get a form asking about the email and the username and name and a friends name. since you know the person you should be knowing these things as well. enter these information and move further... click next or continue...whatever
now see that you dont have the assess to their mobile or to other email accounts guess the portion you want to click on.... yeah it is "i no more have access to these"
and now is the time to check how good hacker u are. guess the answer to the secret question if you can... and become the hero...
if you guess the question right you are pretty gud and start calling yourself a hacker from now on :) otherwise call yourself baby hacker...not dat bad you still have a chance to hack the account but since you are a baby hacker you may need to take help of some of your common friends...or make a minium of three account on facebook and add the person as friend.
if you are baby hacker see teh next to next paragarph
and if you are a smart hacker continue
Now smarties, your action is going to lock the account for 24 hours and if the person logins you have to start all over again. so choost the right time that they cannot ligin. the time that they are busy with life. or holidays hwen they donot have access to the account. nyways, Than you will be asked to enter the new email id if you are a fool and want to be cought enter your email id their and get f**ked. and if you are smart enough make a new email id and enter dat. get the mail for link to reset password and wait for 24 hours...and enjoy ....Happy hacking

and now cute babies you are not in trouble if your friends agree to help you or you have multiple accounts... facebook ask you to pick 3 friends from the account to send the code. Enter the code in der and cry happy hacking

the game is not ending here, if the person is careless he wont remove ur email from his contact list and than u can change the password any tym later u want...