Sunday, July 7, 2013

Make a Redis Cluster (An Idea) :: Twemproxy + Redis

Redis Cluster is on its way. To check the progress on project and future of redis visit . For the time being, lets have a work around with the insane traffic handled by twemproxy + redis combination. This has proven to be a successful arch, atleast to me, in cases where you can design a combiner function.
 By a Combiner function I mean even if u get multiple copy of same  key from  Cluster you going to make reading this blog, this function should allow either to choose one or combine all.
Since you dont know  if one of the redis instance fails, to which the twemproxy will write data, you need to read all redis  instances and merge the data collected from each of the instances hence i put in requirements Combiner function
If you  have machine having multiple cores,

  • choose to run multiple instances of redis on same machine.
  • chose to run multiple such machines.  (this makes architecture more fault tolerant )
  • its better to  run master slave replication with each redis instance, i.e half of them wil be slaves and half of them will be master. 
  • it is better to keep configuration  such that master and slave are not on same machine.
  • it is advisable to even keep slaves of same machine redis instances on different machine if you can. to minimize loss of data
  • make masters non persistent, and slave persistent.
  • choose to run multiple  instances of twemproxy and shard your writes on them, if you feel you have  higher traffic than a twemproxy can handle. Multiple instances are good to make system more fault tolerant, just in case one twemprozy dies for some or other reason
  • Configure all twemproxy to write to all redis masters instances and with same deterministic technique, consistent hash, and hashing algorithm.
If somthing bad can happen, it will happen 

Here are few advantages that I find using this configuration.

  • You can pin  masters to some core, this will make your system look like each core listen to a port.

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